Low Bone Mass

  • Bones are dynamic; they are continually broken down and rebuilt
  • The suppression of estrogen (from menstrual disturbances) disrupts bone growth and strength
  • Poor bone health leads to stress fractures and osteoporosis

Risk Factors for Low Bone Mass

  • Low body weight
  • Inadequate Calcium and vitamin D intake
  • Primary or secondary amenorrhea
  • Insufficient food intake to refuel energy expended during exercise

The Triad and Bone Health

  • Low energy availability detrimentally impact bone health
  • When a person does not eat enough food to supply her energy needs for a healthy body, the energy needed to keep bones healthy is suppressed
  • Hormones responsible for stimulating bone growth inhibited
  • A loss in bone mass can result from not having enough energy in the body
  • Can lead to stress fractures and osteoporosis

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