Use the form below to calculate your estimated energy availability (EA) based on your body weight, body fat percentage, exercise volume, and food intake.

What do my results mean?

Research has demonstrated that the following energy availability (EA) values are associated with various health outcomes.

EA > 45 kcal/kg FFM/day = Energy Replete
EA = 30 kcal/kg FFM/day = Minimum EA for optimal reproductive and bone health
EA = 20 kcal/kg FFM/day = Moderate Energy Deficiency
EA = 10 kcal/kg FFM/day = Severe Energy Deficiency

How to Calculate Exercise Energy Expenditure

Option 1: You can obtain an estimate of this number from your treadmill/bike/elliptical/etc.  Many sports watches and smart phone applications offer this feature as well.  It is simply the “calories burned” display.

Option 2: You can calculate your exercise energy expenditure using the MET (metabolic equivalent) values from the table below in this equation: