This Coalition strives to prevent the Female and Male Athlete Triad
through advocacy, education, international leadership, public policy, and research.

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Men, The Triad affects you too!


It is well known that participating in sports provides many benefits to both males and females, of all ages. Sports can teach us lessons, bring people together, and provide a healthy energetic outlet. For many, sports are a fun extracurricular activity, but for others, sports become a passion that one devotes many hours, weeks, and even years. While the health benefits of participating in sport are immense, in [...]

Common Causes of Energy Deficiency

Nutrition Advice, Psychology|

While we know The Athlete Triad is directly caused by an energy deficiency, do we really know how or why our bodies fall into this trap? Here are 4 main pathways which can contribute to the problem. Inadvertent Undereating When you are not eating enough food to account for the amount of energy expended, but probably do not realize you are doing so. Maybe you forgot [...]

Mindful Eating

Nutrition Advice, Psychology|

We live in such a fast-paced world, with so many things on our minds at once, that we often lack the time and attention to properly focus on HOW we are eating. Everyone knows that eating food is an important part of each day, but don’t quite realize what all we are eating, and when we are eating. This mindless eating can lead to feeling unsatisfied with your [...]